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2002 Class D Match-Up


This web-page considers the match-up between the Girls Class D teams at the State Level (Argyle, Beaver River, Bronxville, and Rhinebeck) ...

Oct 4 ... Argyle did not race the weekend of October 4th ... Argyle will be competing in the Eastern States Championship race at the Manhattan Invitational (Oct 11th) in Van Cortlandt Park ... once again, they will be competing against Saratoga (currently, the real #1 team in the nation) and Bay Shore.

Beaver River ran in the Baldwinsville Invitational (Oct 4th) ... they decided to compete in the Class A race against some very good teams (such as Fairport, Liverpool, and Fayetteville-Manlius) ... unfortunately, Beaver River's top runner (Lauren Moser, the defending State Class D champion) developed a cramp in a quad muscle while running with lead runner Brittany Crawford (FM) and was forced to drop out of the race (which raised the team score by nearly 50 points) ... however, Beaver River still would not have beaten Fairport or Liverpool. Beaver River will be hosting their own Invitational on Oct 11th.

Sept 27 ... Argyle proved they are one of the best XC teams in the nation - Argyle finished second in the Nike Race of Champions at the Great American Cross Country Festival in North Carolina ... the NY State teams finished 1st (Saratoga, 63 points), 2nd (Argyle, 106) and 3rd (Bay Shore, 150) and the top five individual finishers were from NY State.  Emily Fung had the best race of her life (finished 5th) and Caitlin Lane was 7th... here are the Argyle finishes, times and speed ratings: Emily Fung (5th, 18:37.1, 142), Caitlin Lane (7th, 18:46.9, 138), Hannah Davidson (18th, 19:20.2, 127), Ashley Fung (35th, 19:57.6, 115), Klara Varosy (41st, 20:08.3, 111), Sophie Varosy (116th, 21:58.3, 75) and Brittania O'Keefe (128th, 22:40.8, 60).

In the most recent edition of The Harrier magazine, Argyle was ranked third in the Northeast USA and 19th nationally ... These rankings will likely go up in the next edition.

Beaver River won the Varsity B division of the big EJ Hermann Invitational in Utica ... they totaled 34 points to outscore Canastota (55) and Sauquoit Valley (93) ... once again, Lauren Moser was an easy race winner (19:11) followed by Adrienne Gagnier (4th, 19:57), Chelsea Nuffer (6th, 20:32), Julie Emery (9th, 20:48), Alexis Nuffer (14th, 21:09) and Amanda Zehr (16th, 21:23) ... Beaver River is scheduled to race at the Baldwinsville Invitational (Oct 4th).

Sept 19 ... Argyle ran in a pre-season Wasaren league meet at Saratoga Spa on Sept 18th ... coaches took times for their own kids (no official results), and the Argyle girls ran very well as follows:
 ... Caitlin Lane ...17:30
 ... Emily Fung ... 17:42
 ... Ashley Fung ... 18:19
 ... Hannah Davidson ... 18:39
 ... Klara Varosy ... 18:58
 ... Sophie Varosy ... 20:18
 ... Samantha Valentine ... 21:10
 ... Chelsea Morehouse ... 21:30
Detailed results from other runners is really necessary to apply speed ratings ... however, based upon previous seasons' results from the Saratoga course (and assuming a correction for a fast race course (about 12 seconds faster than average)), the respective rating would be 141, 137, 125, 118, 112, 85, 68, and 61 ... these ratings could do very very well in next week's Great American Race of Champions!

Beaver River ran an incomplete team at the ESM Invitational (the top three runners did not run)


Sept 15 ... Beaver River won the Small School division of the Cato-Meridian Invitational (Sept 13) easily outscoring Tully by 31 to 76 ... 57 teams from Section 3 competed in the invitational (since the course is newly designed and it is the site of the Section 3 Championships in Nov) ... In the merged team scoring (Small, Medium, Large Schools), Beaver River finished 2nd to Class A Fayetteville-Manlius (95 to 131) ... once again, Lauren Moser was the individual division winner (19:32) over the 5K course (ran all by herself most of the race and probably could have run much faster if pushed) ... Adrienne Gagnier and Chelsea Nuffer finished 2nd (20:30) and 3rd (20:31) with Alexis Nuffer and Amanda Zehr 15th (21:41) and 16th (21:42) ... Beaver River is scheduled to compete in the ESM Invitational (Sept 20).

Argyle traveled to Essex Vermont and easily won the Essex Invitational (Division I) by scoring only 18 points ... Caitlin Lane won the race, finishing the five-kilometer course in 18:46 ... Emily Fung placed 2nd (19:02), Hannah Davidson 5th (19:56), Ashley Fung 6th (20:01) and Klara Varosy 7th (20:02) ... Coach Bob Lane was quoted in the Glens-Falls Post Star, "That was quite a way to start of the year. The best teams from Vermont were there." ... Argyle's next invitational race is the Great American Race of Champions (Sept 27) where they will compete against some of the best teams in the US, including NY's Saratoga Springs and Bay Shore.


Sept 8 ... Beaver River easily won the New Hartford Invitational on Sept 6th ... Lauren Moser (the defending State Class D individual champion) won the race with a very good time (20:50 ... speed rating of 130) over one of the more difficult XC courses in Section 3 (3.3 miles plus nasty hills) ... Chelsea Nuffer and Adrienne Gagnier finished together (21:46 ... speed ratings of 111) in 3rd and 4th places ... Julie Emery was 8th (22:49 ... rating of 90) ... Alexis Nuffer and Amanda Zehr also ran together (23:00) ... This was a good opening effort by the Beaver River girls ... Beaver River is scheduled to race next at the Cato-Meridian Invite (Sep 13 ... the sectional championship course).

Argyle did not compete in an invitational this past weekend ... they participated in a 5 x 2 mile relay (tune-up) in Greenwich, NY covering the extremely hilly 10 miles in 58:30, breaking their own course record by 4 minutes.  Split times (for varying terrain and difficulties) were reported as follows: Caitlin Lane - 11:15, Hannah Davidson 11:47, Ashley Fung 11:49, Emily Fung 11:17 and Klara Varosy 12:22 ... On Sep 13th, Argyle was scheduled to compete in the Johnstown Invitational, but the invite was cancelled ... they will be competing in the Essex Junction, VT Invite instead ... An unfortunate note - Brittania O'Keefe will be out for a few weeks, as she fell off a horse and broke both wrists, and had a knee injury (just a bruise) ... hopefully, Brittania will return soon!


 Last Year ... State Meet - Girls Class D Team Results for 2002

   Team                  Score                 Team                Score
   =================     =====                 =================   =====
   1 - Argyle              33 (Sec 2)          6 - Millbrook        161 (Sec 9)
   2 - Beaver River        46 (Sec 3)          7 - Frewsburg        174 (Sec 6)
   3 - Bronxville          56 (Sec 1)          8 - Seton Catholic   179 (Sec 7)
   4 - Marathon           139 (Sec 4)          9 - Salmon River     255 (Sec 10)
   5 - Notre Dame-Batavia 149 (Sec 5)         10-  Shelter Island   284 (Sec 11)
     Note ... Rhinebeck was Class C in 2002...finished 2nd to Bayport-Blue Pt
              at States (lost by only 2 points)

Pre-Season 2003 Comments for Girls Class D



Some Argyle girls warming up before Section 2 State Track Qualifiers (3000 Meters) ... from left to right are Klara Varosy, Caitlin Lane, Hannah Davidson, Emily Fung and Ashley Fung


Argyle Coach Bob Lane talking to daughter Caitlin before the Section 2 State Track Qualifier (3000m) ... Caitlin finished second (10:11.5) behind Nicole Blood (Saratoga) ... this track race was effectively a team dual race between Argyle and Saratoga with Argyle taking 2nd, 4th, 5th, 8th and 11th and Saratoga 1st, 3rd, 6th, 7th, 9th and 10th (point-wise, Saratoga had an XC scoring advantage of 26 to 30) ... that says something about the strength of the Argyle team.

Last XC season, Argyle typically trained 20-25 mile per week ... this year will likely be similar in the 25-30 miles per week range ... For those interested, Coach Lane receives some training advise from Coach Jack Daniels (very successful former coach at Cortland State).

Argyle was virtually unknown by most observers as cross country begin last year ... at the end of the season, Argyle was NY State Class D Champion, 3rd in the Federation Championship Meet, and ranked the 4th best team in the Northeast USA by Harrier Magazine.

New young runners having an immediate impact on a girl's XC team occurs every year, but the magnitude of the impact by the Argyle girls is unprecedented (to the best of my knowledge) ... five 7th-graders (Caitlin Lane, Hannah Davidson, Emily Fung, Ashley Fung, Brittania O'Keefe) and two freshmen (Klara Varosy, Cassidy Norton) ... all from a Class D school (Amazing!!) ... I will skip the impact of graduation on Argyle .

Caitlin Lane, Hannah Davidson, and Emily Fung are profiled on my Top State XC Runner List ... for the 3000m race this past track season, Lane (10:08), Davidson (10:28), Emily Fung (10:27), Ashley Fung (10:54), and Klara Varosy (10:52) all broke the 11:00 mark.

Argyle is a remarkably good team ... but they beat Beaver River by only 13 points at States ... and as I'm writing this, everything indicates Beaver River will be better this year ... Argyle is still the favorite in this very interesting Class D match-up ... I do not know if the two teams will meet head-to-head before States.


Beaver River Beaver River 4x800 relay team after setting a new school record (9:33) ... from left to right are Adrienne Gagnier, Alexis Nuffer, Chelsea Nuffer and Lauren Moser.


Beaver River Coach Nicole Kuhl (center) congratulates Chelsea Nuffer and Adrienne Gagnier after the school relay record ... this was a significant accomplishment as they lowered their own record by nearly 30 seconds ... it's also impressive because some of them would much rather be running XC than track.

Beaver River is one the best teams in the State (any class) ... they finished second in the State last year (Class D) and fourth in the Federation Meet ... and Beaver River will likely be better this year (the top seven sectional finishers all return).

Six returning runners are profiled on my top individual runner list for Section 3 - Lauren Moser, Chelsea Nuffer, Adrienne Gagnier, Kendra Chamberlain, Julie Emery,  and Alexis Nuffer ... also returning is Amanda Zehr (7th at sectionals) ... Moser and Chelsea Nuffer are also profiled on my Top State XC Runner List ... Update - Kendra Chamberlain will not be running XC this season.

Lauren Moser is the defending individual State champion (Class D) ... cousins Chelsea and Alexis Nuffer ran very well during spring track and appear to be improving ... Adrienne Gagnier looked much improved during spring track ... These four runners combined to lower Beaver River's school record in the 4x800 relay by nearly 30 seconds (to 9:33) ... Julie Emery is also a talented runner.

Coach Nicole Kuhl has done a superb job ... Beaver River enters the 2003 season as the #2 Class D team in State behind Argyle ... and this year, Beaver River could be a better team ... Argyle beat Beaver River at States by only 13 points ... at Federations, Argyle was 3rd and Beaver River 4th ... Beaver River is a serious challenger to upset Argyle.


Bronxville Bronxville losses some outstanding runners to graduation ... Catha Mullen, Caroline Mullen and Beth Butler  ... all were excellent XC & track runners and will be greatly missed ... the Mullen twins will be attending Princeton University.

Coach Tim Fulton of Somers has written an excellent pre-season preview for all Section One teams ... his preview of Bronxville is available there.

Bronxville still has some talented runners including senior Helen Millson (800m-219, 1500m- 4:55, 3000m -10:51), senior Hiller Burton (1500m-5:14, 2000mSt-7:32), sophomore Dana Mitchell (good XC performances last year), sophomore Margaret Gustafson, senior Kate Kearney and junior Alanna Rogers ...

Bronxville is apparently adding some new XC runners with very good ability ... sophomore Amanda Hudson (1500m-5:02 in her first season) ... there could also be some good incoming freshmen according to Coach Fulton.


Rhinebeck Rhinebeck's enrollment numbers drop them back to Class D ... last year they lost a close contest at States (Class C) to Bayport-Blue Point by only 2 points ... in the process, Rhinebeck beat both Pearl River and Skaneateles.

Rhinebeck has no graduates from their State team at Sunken Meadows, so this is a very good team ... This is only speculation on my part (I don't know), but Rhinebeck may opt to move back up to Class C since they did so well there last year ... but until I know different, I will consider Rhinebeck as Class D team.

Top returning runner is senior Laura DeWitt - the Class C individual champion (she is profiled on my Top State XC Runner List) ... junior Erica Wiles finished a very good 4th at States ... Rhinebeck's next two finishers at States were 8th-graders last year (Amelia Calsi and Danielle Herr) ... sophomore Nicole Devens was the #5 scorer at States.

I have absolutely no track data on Rhinebeck ... perhaps the Rhinebeck XC runners play soccer in the spring??




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