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For complete track meet results, please visit the Section III web-site ... I am only posting selected performances here.


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State Qualifying Meet - Indoors (Boys & Girls) - Feb 26, 2001 at Manley: 

Results of this meet determine qualifiers for the State Indoor Championships (to be held at the Carrier Dome on Saturday March 10, 2001).  The top two individuals and winning relays advance to States ... a third individual advances in the 300m, 600m, 1000m and 1500/1600m for the Intersectional Medley Relay. All classes (Class A, B, C & D) were combined into a single pool to determine qualifiers ... athletes needed to meet qualifying standards for entry into this competition. Once again, Leone Timing & Results Services provided Fully Automatic Timing (FAT) for the races.  

[Click Here for Photos of the Section III Qualifying Meet]

In the girls competition, both Fatima Fields (CNS) and Heather Stevens (FM) qualified for three events at States ... Fields won three individuals events: 55HH (8.59), triple jump (35' 5") and long jump (16' 4") ... Stevens won both the 55m (7.17) & 300m (41.05) and ran the lead-off leg on FM's winning 4x400m relay (57.9 split).  In the boys competition, Kamar Elliott (Henninger) won both the 55HH (7.82) and triple jump (45' 8.75").

The table below provides some information about some individual races:

Race: Selected Split Times:
Girls 3000m - Results: (1) Jackie Kosakowski (Sauquoit) 10:36.02, (2) Crystal Cooper (Henninger) 10:37.55, (3) Ashley Hughes (Phoenix) 10:39.70

Kosakowski led the race from start to finish and set some very fast split times ... the 1500m split was was an excellent 5:06.8 ... Kosakowski was about 8 meters ahead of the field at 1000m and 15m ahead at 1500m.  The race for second was a good effort between Cooper, Hughes and Lauren Noble (Little Falls) ... Cooper led Hughes and Noble past 1200m before Noble moved in front of Cooper ... at about 2300m, Hughes and Cooper both surged past Noble and began to close the gap on Kosakowski ... Cooper passed Hughes just before the final lap and both runners were closing strongly on Kosakowski at the finish ... the top four finishers all had seasonal best times (Noble was 4th in 10:51.25)!

200m (38.2), 400m (1:17), 600m (1:56.2), 800m (2:37.1), 1000m (3:18.9), 1200m (4:01.6), 1400m(4:44.8), 1500m (5:06.8), 1600m (5:28.2), 1800m (6:12), 2000m (6:56.8), 2200 (7:42.1), 2400m (8:27.3), 2600m (9:12.1), 2800 (9:56.2)
Boys 3200m - Results: (1) Aaron Verminski (Rome) 9:50.01, (2) Weston Cross (Skaneateles) 9:53.95, (3) Tait Kowalski (Liverpool) 9:55.69

Kowalski led the race from 400m to 1100m ... at 1100m, David Masse (FM) took the lead ... Cross was on top at 1500m, but was closely followed by Kowalski and Verminski ... Verminski surged to the lead at 2400m (he opened a 5m gap at 2600m and 10m gap at 2800m) and ran strongly to the finish to win by nearly 4 seconds.

200m (39.70), 400m (1:17.2), 600m (1:54.1), 800m (2:30.7), 1000m (3:07.4), 1200m (3:43.7), 1400m(4:20.8), 1500m (4:39.7), 1600m (4:58.0), 1800m (5:35.1), 2000m (6:12), 2200 (6:51.7), 2400m (7:30.1), 2600m (8:05.7), 2800 (8:41), 3000m (9:16)
Girls 1500m - Results: (1) Vanessa Everding (Skaneateles) 4:57.18, (2) Kelly Owens (Baldwinsville) 5:04.58, (3) Betsy Alexander (Auburn) 5:06.52

The winner of this race was never in doubt ... Everding took the lead early and increased her margin all the way to the finish ... at 400m, Everding already opened a 10m gap to the field; at 800m, she was nearly 7 seconds ahead!  The race for the number two spot became a tactical competition early between a closely bunched Jackie Kosakowski (Sauquoit ... who may have been somewhat fatigued from her earlier 3200m race), Betsy Alexander (Auburn), and Natalie Romer (Canastota) ... Alexander, who was leading the chase-pack, gave up the lead to Kosakowski at 800m ... but at about 1300m, Alexander made another move past Kosakowski ... Owens, who had been relatively far behind, came on very strongly in the final 400m to finish second to Everding (a very smart race by Owens)!  And an excellent effort by Alexander!

200m (35.9), 400m (1:16.4), 600m (1:56.2), 800m (2:36.5), 1000m (3:16.8), 1200m (3:56.9), 1400m(4:36.9)
Boys 1600m - Results: (1) Matt Taverna (Whitesboro) 4:33.05, (2) Ryan Wells (Chittenango) 4:34.06, (3) David Cook (Auburn) 4:37.80

Ryan Wells set some very fast early splits, but he was followed closely by Matt Taverna ... at 800m, Wells and Taverna had opened a 15m gap to David Cook who was running third.  Taverna surged to the lead just before 1400m and held on well to the finish. Jason Evans (Skan) made a strong move to get in front of Cook before the final lap, but Cook closed strongly to finish third overall.

200m (30.1), 400m (62.9), 600m (1:38), 800m (2:12.8), 1000m (2:47.6), 1200m (3:23), 1400m(3:58.7), 1500m (4:15.7)
Girls 1000m - Results: (1) Lauren Heron (FM) 3:00.80, (2) Shannon Morris (WG) 3:04.13, (3) Lia Cross (Skan) 3:07.26

Morris was in the lead at 200m, but Heron took control before 400m and lead all the way to the finish ... the running order (Heron, Morris, Cross) stayed the same for most of the race ... Heron ran very impressively.

200m (35.6), 400m (1:12.3), 600m (1:48.8), 800m (2:24.7)
Boys 1000m - Results: (1) Matt Drescher (Proctor) 2:47.10, (2) Max Bawarski (Whitesboro) 2:49.11

There were only two runners in this race ... I didn't realize this was the only heat and did not start my stopwatch.

Girls 600m - Results: (1) Jackie Duncan (Liverpool) 1:42.74, (2) Ebony Andrews (CNS) 1:44.04, (3) Laurie Teske (ESM) 1:45.90

Ebony Andrews lead most of the race, but Jackie Duncan (who was closely following) took the lead on the final turn.

200m (31.5), 300m (48.0), 400m (1:05.1)
Boys 600m - Results: (1) Brian McNiff (CBA) 1:24.95, (2) David Martin (FM) 1:25.86, (3) Mike Wicks (Liv) 1:26.29

McNiff controlled the race past 300m ... near 400m, Martin surged to the lead, but McNiff was back in front at 500m

200m (27.0), 300m (41.3), 400m (55.5)
Girls 4x800m Relay ... Skaneateles was the easy winner (9:56.24)  ... the four legs were run (in order) by Lia Cross, Irena McQuarrie, Vanessa Everding and Emily Everding Leg 1: (2:27.3), Leg 2: (2:29.8), Leg 3: (2:23.7), Leg 4: (2:35.5)
Girls 4x400m Relay ... FM (4:06.14) beat Liverpool (4:09.97) ... a real good effort by both teams ... Lead-off leg Heather Stevens opened a comfortable lead for FM which FM maintained throughout the race ... the other FM runners were Ellen Luber, Katherine Owen and Lauren Heron. Leg 1: (57.9), Leg 2: (63.6), Leg 3: (62.5), Leg 4: (62.1)
Boys 4x800m Relay .... Baldwinsville was the easy winner (8:20.35) approximate times: Leg 1: (2:04.5), Leg 2: (2:03), Leg 3: (2:06.3), Leg 4: (2:06.5)

 [Click Here for Photos of the Section III Qualifying Meet]


Girls Sectional Championship Meet - Feb 22, 2001 at Manley Field House: 

Similar to the Boys Sectional Meet, the Girls Sectional was divided into two classes ( A and B/C/D ) ... all events (including the 1600m and 3200m races) were separated by classes. Cicero-North Syracuse (CNS) won the Class A team championship (108 points) with Fayetteville-Manlius (FM) the runner-up (94 points).  Skaneateles was the easy Class B/C/D team winner (84 points) ahead of tightly bunched Westhill (52 points), Jamesville-Dewiit (50 points) and Chittenango (48 points).

Senior Erika Frank (Mohawk) set a new Section III Indoor pole vault record of 9' 10" ... the previous record (9' 9") was set by Shantell Surowicz (Phoenix) at last year's indoor State Championships in the Carrier Dome.  At last year's outdoor State Championships (held at Liverpool), Erika cleared 10' to become the Class C/D State Champion.

This meet had several multiple event winners. Cicero-North Syracuse's outstanding athlete Fatima Fields won three events ... she won the long jump (16' 11"), triple jump (35' 10") and 55HH (8.50) ... these were the top performances in either Class A or B/C/D.  Lauren Heron (FM) was a duel Class A winner in the 1000m (3:06.09) and 1500m (5:04..09) ... Heron was also a close 2nd in the 600m (1:40.70) after being far behind early in the race. Heather Stevens (FM) won both the Class A 55m (7.19) and 300m (40.58), and was 2nd in the long jump (16' 4") ... combined, Heron and Stevens scored 56 of FM's 94 team points.

In the B/C/D class, Vanessa Everding (Skaneateles) was a duel winner in 1000m (3:10.26) and 1500m (5:02.65).  Jennifer Curtis (Canastota) won both the 55HH (9.40) and long jump (16' 2.5") ... Curtis was also 2nd in the triple jump (33' 9.5").

Crystal Cooper (Henninger) won the Class A 3000m race (11:08.83) ... she stalked the leaders until the 2700m mark and then sprinted away to a comfortable victory.  Taryn Menard (CNS) led through 2000m before Elena Tous (FM) took control with Cooper close behind ... Tous was a very good 2nd (11:11.92) with teammate Mackenzie Klump (FM) 3rd (11:14.40). Here are some split times: 800m (2:42.5), 1500m (5:22.2), 1600m (5:45.2) and 2400m (8:56.4).

Jackie Kosakowski (Sauquoit) and Lia Cross (Skaneateles) finished one-two in the Class B/C/D 3000m race (respective times of 10:43.49 and 10:58.52).  The early pace of the race was relatively slow (opening 800m in 2:47.3) before Kosakowski and Cross opened a 25m gap on the field at 1200m ... the 1500m and 1600m splits were 5:20 and 5:42.5 ... at 2200m, Kosakowski opened a 10m gap to Cross, and she increased her lead all the way to the finish. I was particularly impressed by Kosakowski's final 1500m (split of 5:23.5).

The Class A 1500m turned into a good duel between winner Lauren Heron (FM; 5:04.09) and Kelly Owens (Baldwinsville; 5:04.46).  Beth Quartier (CNS) led the race through 800m (2:41.3) and 1000m (3:25.6) ... Owens took the lead at 1100m with Heron close behind ... at 1300m, Heron surged to the lead, but Owens stayed close and challenged Heron on the entire final lap ... a real good effort by both runners!

The Class B/C/D 1500m race was an excellent match-up ... Vanessa Everding (Skan) was the winner in 5:02.65 followed by Jackie Kosakowski (Sauquoit; 5:03.06), Lia Cross (Skan; 5:03.57), Lauren Noble (Little Falls; 5:06.22) and Ashley Hughes (Phoenix; 5:12.94). Noble led the race through 800m (2:41.1) and 1000m (3:22.4) before Everding took control at 1100m.  A surge by Everding at 1200m opened a 5m lead on the field ... Kosakowski and Cross closed somewhat on the final lap, but Everding remained strong all the way to the finish.

***** Click Here for Some Sectional Meet Photos *****


Boys Sectional Championship Meet - Feb 20, 2001 at Manley Field House: 

The Boys Sectional Meet was divided into two classes ( A and B/C/D ) ... all events (including the 1600m and 3200m races) were separated by classes.  Nottingham (72 points) narrowly edged Utica Proctor (71 points) and F-M (69 points) for the Class A title.  Chittenango (129 points) captured the B/C/D title ... Clinton performed well as the runner-up (105 points).  The meet used Fully Automatic Timing (FAT) for all races thanks to the services of Leone Timing & Results Services.  As expected, the times I personally recorded via hand-timing were consistently 0.1 to 0.2 seconds faster than the official FAT times.

The Class A 3200m race turned into a duel between Aaron Verminski (Rome) and Tait Kowalski (Liverpool).  Verminski had taken the lead at 1200m, and stayed in front until the 2900m mark ... by 2000m, Verminski and Kowalski already had a large gap between them and the field. At 2900m, Kowalski surged to the lead with Verminski in close pursuit ... Verminski retook the lead on the final lap to win in 9:58.60 with Kowalski 2nd in an excellent 10:00.49. Here are some split times for the race: 400m (1:11.6), 800m (2:27.8), 1000m (3:06.2), 1500m (4:39.6), 1600m (4:59.2).

Ryan Wells (Chittenango) won the Class B/C/D 3200m in 10:16.69 ... Justin Block (OCS; 10:27.17) was 2nd and Joe Williams (Chittenango; 10:28.44) was 3rd. Wells led the entire race ... through 1600m, Wells and Block opened a gap between themselves and the field ... by 2200m, Wells was by himself with a 15m lead ... he cruised comfortably to the victory.  Williams closed nicely in the final 400m, and narrowly missed being 2nd. Here are some split times: 400m (1:12.6), 800m (2:27.6), 1000m (3:06.3), 1500m (4:45.5), 1600m (5:05.3).

The Class A 1600m was a good race between winner Matt Taverna (Whitesboro; 4:40.3), Tait Kowalski (Liverpool; 4:41.5) and David Cook (Auburn; 4:42.8) ... Kowalski led through 1400m with Taverna and Cook close behind ... by 1200m, a 10m gap formed between these three runners and the field. Just past 1400m, Taverna surged to the lead and looked very strong in the final 200m.  Here are some split times: 400m (1:09.8), 800m (2:21.1), 1000m (2:57.3), 1500m (4:24.7).  Kowalski ran very impressively considering he had already run a very competitive 3200m.

The Class B/C/D 1600m race was a run-away victory for Ryan Wells (Chittenango) in 4:40.86 ... at 400m, Wells already had a 10m lead that kept increasing to the finish. Weston Cross (Skaneateles) closed very strongly in the final 400m to be 2nd (4:49.80) ... Cross had just finished 2nd in the BCD 1000m race (2:43.60). Here are some split times: 400m (1:05.8), 800m (2:16.1), 1000m (2:51.9), 1500m (4:23.1).

Chris Cimino (Chittenango) was a run-away winner in the B/C/D 1000m (2:39.90) ... he set some fast splits of: 200m (30.2), 400m (60.2), and 800m (2:04.8).

In addition to Ryan Wells, Brian Baldwin (Chittenango) was also a duel winner in B/C/D ... 55m (6.89) and 300m (36.52).

***** Click Here for Some Sectional Meet Photos *****


OHSL Championship Meet (Girls) - February 15, 2001 at Manley Field House: 

The OHSL Meet was divided into three school classes ... A-1, A-2 and B/C/D.  Running events (trials and finals) shorter than 1500m were contested as separate class races ... the 1500m and 3000m races were combined. Initially, the 1000m event was combined as a single race ... but the large field (and a runner tripping on the first turn) caused the officials to separate the classes after an aborted start.

Heather Stevens (FM) was again impressive in winning the 55m (7.0), 300m (41.5) and long jump (17' 1") ... her winning times and distance were tops for all classes. Fatima Fields (CNS) looked very good in winning three events in a A-1 class ... 55 hh (8.6), long jump (16' 3/4") and triple jump (34' 11 1/4").

Vanessa Everding (Skaneateles) won two events in the BCD class ... 1000m (3:10.5) and 600m (1:45.7) ... she was also 3rd in the 300m (44.4) ... Everding is near the top of every distance on the sectional leaderboard from 300m to 3000m (this is an outstanding accomplishment). Amanda Lalley (Cen Sq) was a duel winner in the A-2 class at 1500m (5:11.0) and 1000m (3:14.8). Nolana Quince (Nottingham) was also a duel winner in the A-2 class at 55 HH (8.7) and triple jump (34' 11") ... she was also 2nd in the long jump (15' 7 1/4").

The 3000m race was run with combined classes ... here are some of the split times: 400m (1:20.1), 800m (2:45.1), 1000m (3:29.4), 1500m (5:21.2), 1600m (5:44.4), 2000m (7:18.3), 2400m (8:52.3) and 3000m (11:00.5). The opening 1000m was run with Taryn Menard (CNS), Crystal Cooper (Henn), Ashley Hughes (Phoenix) and Kayleigh Wheeless (Westhill) running as a four-some that gapped the rest of the field.  Menard led Cooper and Hughes past 1500m ... the order stayed the same until Hughes surged to the lead at 2600m with Cooper following ... Cooper was in front with one lap remaining and finished strongly to win in 11:00.5. Hughes ran very well in finishing 2nd (11:04) ... Hughes was also 2nd in BCD 1500m (5:13.0).

The 1500m race was a run-away victory for Shannon Morris (West Genesee) ... Morris was in front from 400m to the finish ... her split times were:  400m (1:14.3), 800m (2:37.5), 1000m (3:18.9), and 1500m (4:57.7).

The first event of night was actually the 4x400m relay ... Liverpool turned in the fastest time (4:13.2) ... I caught their lap times as follows: 63.9, 63.7, 63.6 and 62.1 (L. Zogg, D. Worth, L. Henson and J. Duncan).


Select Meet (Boys & Girls) - February 7, 2001 at Manley Field House: 

Many of Section III's best male and female runners competed in the Select Meet ... meet entries were limited by qualifying standards, and only one athlete per event per school was allowed. However, a few Section III schools did not participate (such as Skaneateles).  I was able to attend only half the meet, and did not witness some of the later events.

I was fortunate to see both the 1500m and 1600m races which yielded excellent performances by Tracey Brauksieck (Homer) and Ryan Wells (Chittenango).  I timed the splits for both races ... here are the 1500m race splits ... 36.2 (200m), 1:13.9 (400m), 1:53.3 (600m), 2:35.1 (800m), 3:14.8 (1000m), 3:54.7 (1200m), 4:34.0 (1400m), and 4:52.6 (winning time). Through 600m, the race was led by Taryn Menard (CNS) who was followed by Brauksieck, Crystal Cooper (Henninger), and Jackie Kosakowski (Sauquoit).  Brauksieck was in front at 800m ... at 1000m, she opened a 15m lead on Menard and ran comfortably strong all the way to the finish. Cooper closed well to finish 2nd (4:59.4) and was followed by Menard (5:02.1), Kosakowski (5:02.5), Owens (Bville, 5:06.9) and Roberts (Tully, 5:11.5).  Brauksieck's winning time (4:52.6) is the best in Section III this indoor season, and it moves her into the 10th spot on the State Leaderboard (only 8 seconds behind #1).

Here are the splits for the 1600m race which was won by Wells (4:32.6) ... 35.3 (200m), 1:10.8 (400m), 1:45.6 (600m), 2:20.1 (800m), 2:53.3 (1000m), 3:27.3 (1200m), 4:00.8 (1400m) and 4:17.1 (1500m).  Bubba Laney (Faith Heritage) led much of first 600m of the race ... Wells took the lead at 800m and was followed closely by Matt Taverna (Whitesboro) ... Wells and Taverna opened a 5 second gap between them and the field with Taverna positioned tightly to Wells right shoulder. Taverna challenged for the lead on the final turn, but Wells responded strongly to win by 0.8 of a second. Wells' winning time (4:32.6) is the best in Section III this indoor season.

Aaron Verminski's (Rome) winning time in the boy's 3200m race (9:57.1) is also the best in Section III this indoor season.

Lauren Heron (FM) chopped 5 seconds off her previous season-best 1000m time to win the 1000m in an excellent time of 3:00.5 ... this currently places Heron 3rd on the State Leaderboard!

After placing 2nd in the 1500m (4:59.4), Crystal Cooper (Henninger) returned to win the 3000m with a very good time of 10:48.4 ... Cooper has been performing very well this indoor season at many distances.


George Constantino Meet (Girls) - February 1, 2001 at Manley Field House: 

Vanessa Everding and Lia Cross of Skaneateles finished a close one-two in the 3000m and posted some fast times for Manley Field House (10:47.4 and 10:47.7).  Lauren Noble (Little Falls; 11:01.8) and Taryn Menard (CNS; 11:03.1) had good efforts in finishing 3rd and 4th.  Menard led the race for about 1100m (400m and 800m splits of 1:24.8 and 2:48.7) and was closely followed by Cross, Everding, Noble and Ashley Hughes (Phoenix; 5th, 11:17.2). Cross took the lead and posted 1500m and 1600m splits of 5:21 and 5:43.  Everding was in front after 2000m ... she was closely pursued by Cross ... they had opened a gap of about 15-20m to Noble. Everding's victory was particularly impressive because she had previously run the lead-off leg on Skaneateles's 4x400m relay (split of 63.2).

Shannon Morris (West Genesee) ran very well in winning the 1000m ... her time (3:06.7) was two seconds faster than her previous season's best and only slightly behind Lauren Heron's (FM) leader board time (3:05.6).  Morris led race from start to finish with a sizeable gap between her and the field for much of the race ... her split times were 0:35 (200m), 1:12.1 (400m), 1:49 (600m), and 2:27.8 (800m).

The 1500m race was closely contested before Melissa Lister (South Jefferson) opened a 3 second margin on the field in the final 300m ... her winning time of 5:03.2 was very good. Kelly Owens (Baldwinsville) led race through 400m (1:17.5) and 800m (2:44.8) ... she was closely followed by Lister, Jones (MPH), Quartier (CNS) and Walsh (Baldwinsville). Lister was in front after 1000m and controlled the race to the finish.

Lauren Heron (FM) won the 600m race (1:40.4 ... fastest sectional time this season), but she had to pass a very game Jessica Lister (South Jefferson) in the final 50m to win.  Lister led most of the race and finished in an excellent 1:41.0 ... earlier, Lister cleared 7' 6" in the pole vault which really demonstrates her all-around athletic ability.

Heather Stevens (FM) competed in the long jump for the first time this season ... her best jump (15' 3.75") equaled that of winner Charla Harlow (Henninger), but Stevens finished 2nd based on next-best jump. On the previous Sunday at the West Point Invitational, Stevens won both the 400m (57.11, FAT) and 55m (7.30, FAT). Earlier in this meet, Stevens ran a 59.3 4x400m relay split.


John Arcaro Meet (Girls) - January 25, 2001 at Manley Field House: 

The best performance of the meet was turned in by Heather Stevens (FM) in the 400m ... she won in an outstanding time of 57.6 ... this places Stevens on the State leader board in yet another event ... she is already #1 in the 55m and is ranked in both the 200m and 300m. Stevens also ran the 2nd leg of FM's 4x800 relay ... her split time was 2:32.5 (early in the year, she ran a 2:26 800m split).

Equally impressive at the Arcaro Meet was Lauren Heron (FM) ... Heron won the open 800m (2:20.4) and had a 4x800m relay split of (2:22.5) ... she is showing noticeable improvement in both speed and form every week. Vanessa Everding (Skan; 2:22.9) provided Heron with some good competition in the open 800m ... the 400m split was 71.4 and the 600m split was 1:46.1.

The 3000m was an interesting race ... Kayleigh Wheeless (Westhill) lead for more than half the race ... she went past the 800m and 1500m in 2:54.5 and 5:35, respectively, and was closely followed by Ashley Hughes (Phoenix) and Natalie Romer (Canastota).  Hughes took the lead with 600m to go and held the lead until Romer passed her with 300m remaining ... Romer ran a strong last lap to win in 11:14.5 ... Hughes was 2nd (11:18.4) and Wheeless 3rd (11:19.9).

Lia Cross (Skan) looked very comfortable in winning the 1500m (5:05.9) ... she followed leader Kaitlin O' Sullivan (Westhill) for 800m (2:40.9) before taking the lead. Crystal Cooper (Henn) came on to be 2nd (5:08.6). Cross also ran the anchor leg of Skaneateles's winning 4x800m relay ... here are Skaneateles's 4x800m split times:

  Vanessa Everding    2:24.9
  Lindsay Stanley     2:34.3
  Irena McQuarrie     2:34.8
  Lia Cross           2:28.5
  Top 1500m Finishers at Arcaro Meet
  1   Lia Cross            Skaneateles       5:05.8
  2   Crystal Cooper       Henninger         5:08.6
  3   Katie Bubnack        West Genesee      5:09.6
  4   Kaitlin O'Sullivan   Westhill          5:10.7
  5   Janet Walsh          Baldwinsville     5:11.8
  6   Jackie Kosakowski    Sauquoit Valley   5:14.1
  7   Elena Tous           FM                5:14.8
  8   Heather Roberts      Tully             5:16.2
  9   Cadie Cargile        Skaneateles       5:18.0
  10  Kristin Wallace      Oswego            5:18.4
  11  Taryn Menard         CNS               5:18.7
  12  Beth Quartier        CNS               5:21.8
  13  Monica Macro         West Genesee      5:22.6
  14  Greer Mahoney        FM                5:29.0
  15  Danielle Scalione    Liverpool         5:30.7

  Top 3000m Finishers at Arcaro Meet
  1   Natalie Romer        Canastota         11:14.5
  2   Ashley Hughes        Phoenix           11:18.4
  3   Kayleigh Wheeless    Westhill          11:19.9
  4   Laura Ewald          CNS               11:23.7
  5   Mackenzie Klump      FM                11:26.0
  6   Kerry Banazek        West Genesee      11:28.0
  7   Hannah Failing       Whitesboro        11:31.2
  8   Brittany Crawford    FM                11:32.4
  9   Katie Robinson       Liverpool         11:36.4
  10  Mary Parks           CNS               11:38.6


Bob Grieves Meet (Girls) - January 18, 2001 at Manley Field House: 

Sprinter Heather Stevens (FM) won both the 55m dash (6.9) and 300m (40.9). Her time in the 55m ties the Section III record ... the hand-time of 6.9 can be converted to 7.14 (+0.24 to approximate fully automatic timing (FAT)) ... currently this places Heather #1 on the NYS leader board. Physically, Stevens appears to be both stronger and faster than last year ... her off-season weight training is really paying off.

Senior Jackie Kosakowski (Sauquoit Valley) ran very well in winning the 3000m (10:37.2) ... she lead start to finish ... she was all by herself most of the race. Here are some of her split times: 800m (2:40), 1500m (5:12), 1600m (5:33), 2400m (8:27), 2800m (9:56) and 3000m (10:37.2) ... her back-to-back 1500m times were 5:12 and 5:25.  Runner-up Crystal Cooper (Henninger) also broke the 11:00 barrier (10:58.6) ... Taryn Menard (CNS; 11:01.6) was 3rd.

The 1500m race was won impressively Vanessa Everding (Skan; 4:54.8) ... Vanessa led the race from start to finish, but she had to hold off a late challenge from runner-up Lauren Heron (FM; 4:55.2).  Everding ran the first 800m in 2:39 ... she was followed closely by Katie Bubnack (WG; 5:08.6), Lauren Noble (Little Falls; 5:11.9), and Lauren Heron. With about 300m remaining, Heron closed the gap and pulled along-side Everding ... the pair ran as a duo for the last 200m with Everding prevailing by 0.4 seconds. Heron had earlier won the 1000m (3:05.6). Two years ago, Heron was second in the 1500m (4:37) at the State Indoor Championship Meet held at the Carrier Dome ... last indoor season, Heron was unable to compete due to injuries.  Everding and Heron's 1500m times will currently place them 5th and 6th on the NYS leader board. 

Here are the top 14 runners from the 1500m race:

  1   Vanessa Everding    Skaneateles     4:54.8
  2   Lauren Heron        FM              4:55.2
  3   Kelly Owens         Baldwinsville   5:08.2
  4   Katie Bubnack       West Genesee    5:08.6
  5   Natalie Romer       Canastota       5:09.5
  6   Lauren Noble        Little Falls    5:11.9
  7   Betsy Alexander     Auburn          5:12.3
  8   Heather Roberts     Tully           5:15.4
  9   Beth Quartier       CNS             5:16.8
  10  Ashley Hughes       Phoenix         5:18.7
  11  Kristin Wallace     Oswego          5:19.0
  12  Jamie Crawford      Tully           5:21.3
  13  Mary Ferguson       Liverpool       5:24.1
  14  Irena McQuarrie     Skaneateles     5:27.7


Fred Kirschenheiter Relays (Girls) - January 10, 2001 at Manley Field House: 

This is a Section III Relay Meet (no scoring individual running events).  I wanted to get more relay splits than I did ... but trying to get splits for more than two teams (plus selected individuals) is really difficult.  I was able to get a few interesting splits (shown in the table below).

The DMR (Distance Medley Relay) was a very good race between West Genesee (13:07.3) and Skaneateles (13:08.2).  This race featured some of the best running performances of the meet by lead-off runners Vanessa Everding (Skan) and Katie Bubnack (WG) and anchor runners Lia Cross (Skan) and Shannon Morris (WG) ... Lia and Shannon's 1600m times (5:21 and 5:24.8 respectively) are excellent for an early-season meet.  In addition, Lia and Shannon came back soon afterwards and ran good 800m splits in the 4x800m relay (2:28.7 and 2:31.6 respectively).

Fayetteville-Manlius won the 4x800m relay (10:14.2) with some good splits from sprinter Heather Stevens (2:26.2) and Lauren Herron (2:25.0).

Cicero-North Syracuse (CNS) easily won the 4x1600m relay (23:13.4) ... Taryn Menard had the fastest split (5:36) ... Taryn was unable to compete through much of the X-C season due to a stress fracture. Tully was disqualified from 5th place because one of the girls was wearing a small ankle bracelet ... I note this only to remind all runners that no jewelry is allowed during races (the officials are watching)!

   DMR (1200-400-800-1600)
   Vanessa Everding         Skaneateles   1200m  3:57.1
   Lia Cross                Skaneateles   1600m  5:21.0
   Katie Bubnack            West Genesee  1200m  3:57.9
   Shannon Morris           West Genesee  1600m  5:24.8
   Kaitlin O'Sullivan       Westhill      1200m  4:07.3
   Kayleigh Wheeless        Westhill      1600m  5:50.0
   Heather Roberts          Tully         1600m  5:46.0

   4x800m Relay
   Heather Stevens          FM            800m   2:26.2
   Mackenzie Klump          FM            800m   2:41.6
   Elena Tous               FM            800m   2:41.2
   Lauren Herron            FM            800m   2:25.0
   Lia Cross                Skaneateles   800m   2:28.7
   Shannon Morris           West Genesee  800m   2:31.6
   Kaitlin O'Sullivan       Westhill      800m   2:35.0
   4x1600m Relay
   Beth Quartier            CNS           1600m  5:45.0
   Nakida Robinson          CNS           1600m  5:54.0
   Laura Ewald              CNS           1600m  5:58.0
   Taryn Menard             CNS           1600m  5:36.0
   Kelly Owens              Baldwinsville 1600m  5:40.0
   Heather Roberts          Tully         1600m  5:54.0
   Jamie Crawford           Tully         1600m  5:55.0
   Kayleigh Wheeless        Westhill      1600m  6:00.0

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