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For complete NY State Championship Track Meet results, please visit the ArmoryTrack web-site or TrackMeets.com web-site ... I am only posting selected performances here.

NY State Indoor Championships - March 10, 2001

The Carrier Dome (located on the campus of Syracuse University) hosted the 2001 NY State Indoor Track & Field Championships.  High school athletes from the eleven NY sections and three associations (PSAL, CHSAA, and Assoc. Independent Schools) came to compete.  Actual competition got underway at approximately 9:30 AM ... competition didn't end until nearly 8 hours later!

 **** Click Here for Photos of the State Meet ****

Junior Heather Stevens (FM, Section 3) was the outstanding winner of two gold medals ... Heather won the 55m dash (7.18) and 300m dash (39.19).  I was particularly impressed by her strength and speed in the 300m ... Heather started fast with her main competition and simply out-powered them in the final 100m ... a remarkable effort!!  Kamar Elliott (Henninger) also won a gold medal for Section 3 in the boys triple jump (46' 7.25").

Lauren Heron (FM) was awarded a tie for 2nd place in the 1000m after a major blunder by meet officials. A message posted by Coach Jim Vermeulen (West Genesee) on the Syracuse forum board explains the error ... "The meet officials used the wrong stagger start for BOTH heats of the girls 1000, this despite an attempt by Coach Wilson of Auburn to alert them and re-position runners correctly. Athletes in the outside box wound up running about 15 meters further. The meet committee then decided against re-running the event. Instead, they 'adjusted' the times of athletes that ran from the incorrect outside box.(Those adjusted times are not reflected in the 'official' results--subtract about 3.57 seconds). Shannon Morris of WG was one of those, along with Lauren Heron of F-M. Lauren was 'awarded' a tie for 2nd. Shannon was 'awarded' a tie for 6th. Both were forced to race from behind after the 1st lap and both did a pretty good job of not freaking out but moving up ... It's my opinion that Lauren was robbed of an opportunity to be State Champ and Shannon lost one or two positions by being forced to run a catch-up race, which certainly wasn't her race plan. But the committee felt it would also be unfair to make those athletes who ran the correct distance run again. So it goes .... I think both these athletes did marvelous jobs in spite of the circumstances."

The table below has some information concerning selected events. Note ... unless otherwise noted, the split times refer to the leader of the race.

Race: Split Times: Photos:
3000m Run - Girls Unseeded
 1 Jenny Koeppel       Amherst         10:49.67
 2 Kim Cipura          Hilton          10:58.32
 3 Melissa Terwilliger Frontier        10:59.98
 4 Vanessa McKay       Pearl River     11:00.30
 5 Annie Scogin        Groton          11:16.33
 8 Becky MacKenzie     Groton          11:28.69
10 Melissa Lister      South Jefferson 11:30.67

Section 6 runners Jenny Koeppel and Melissa Terwilliger controlled the front end the entire race ... past 2200m, Koeppel surged and opened an 8m gap by 2400m and 20m gap by 2800m. Heat runner-up Kim Cipura ran in 4th position much of the race ... she was closely following Vanessa McKay who was in 3rd position much of the race.

400m: 1:17.5
800m: 2:41.7
1000m: 3:26.2
1200m: 4:10.2
1400m: 4:54.1
1500m: 5:16.6
1600m: 5:39.5
2000m: 7:12.1
2400m: 8:43.3
2800m: 10:10
3000m Run - Girls Seeded
 1 Michelle Wale      Pine Bush     10:07.77
 2 Nicole Blood       Saratoga      10:18.66
 3 Veronica Gobeyn    Williamson    10:20.10
 6 Jackie Kosakowski  Sauquoit      10:30.02
 8 Heather Iatauro    Tri-Valley    10:37.52
11 Ashley Hughes      Phoenix       11:01.34
14 Crystal Cooper     Henninger     11:35.45

This race was a showcase for winner Michelle Wale ... she led virtually the entire race ... at 1200m she was 8m ahead of the field and was never challenged throughout. Jackie Kosakowski (Sauquoit) remained in 8th or 9th position through most of the race before finishing nicely to be 6th.

200m: 37.3
400m: 1:16.3
800m: 2:37.1
1000m: 3:177
1200m: 3:58
1400m: 4:40.3
1500m: 5:00.9
1600m: 5:21.5
2000m: 6:44.2
2400m: 8:07.5
2800m: 9:29.6
3200m Run - Boys UnSeeded
1  Matt Murphy     Lake Shore         9:53.32
2  Hakon DeVries   John Jay           9:58.00
3  Aaron Verminski Rome Free Academy  9:58.58
5  Weston Cross    Skaneateles       10:01.19
12 Ben Hebdon      Groton            10:23.14

Heat winner Matt Murphy (Lake Shore) stayed in mid-pack during the early stages of the race ... at 1600m, he moved into 3rd position ... at 2000m, Murphy was 2nd ... at 2600m, Murphy surged to lead and was 10m ahead at 2800m, and widened the lead impressively all the way to the finish. Aaron Verminski (Rome) stayed in 3rd, 4th or 5th position most of the race, and barely missed finishing 2nd. Weston Cross (Skaneateles) ran in 5th or 6th position most of the race.

200m: 31.9
400m: 1:06.1
800m: 2:20.2
1000m: 2:57.3
1200m: 3:35.3
1400m: 4:13.9
1500m: 4:33.1
1600m: 4:52.4
2000m: 6:09.5
2400m: 7:26.2
2800m: 8:41
3200m Run - Boys Seeded
1 Jesse Contario  Newark          9:28.30
2 Kyle Pawlaczyk  Hamburg         9:30.41
3 Mark Rusin      Windsor         9:36.21
4 Andy Wigton     Greece Athena   9:37.30
5 Nolan Tully     Saratoga        9:37.32
6 Brendan Brown   Chaminade       9:44.23

After some early changes through 1600m, Section 5 runners Andy Wigton (Greece Athena) and Jesse Contario (Newark) and Section 6 runner Kyle Pawlaczyk (Hamburg) controlled the front-end of the race ... Contario finished strongly to win the gold medal.

200m: 32.7
400m: 1:08.7
800m: 2:21.8
1000m: 2:58.3
1200m: 3:35
1400m: 4:10.8
1500m: 4:29.3
1600m: 4:47.6
2000m: 6:00.3
2400m: 7:13.2
2800m: 8:23.6
3000m: 8:57.1
1500m Run - Girls UnSeeded
1  Katie Marsh      Canton         4:56.41
2  Carrie Richards  Lansing        4:57.96
3  Alex Brown       Kingston       4:58.27
10 Kelly Owens      Baldwinsville  5:09.54

This race had several lead changes throughout ... Jenny Koeppel (Amherst), who finished 7th in this heat, lead through 600m ... Carrie Richards (Lansing) was in front 800m, but Alex Brown (Kingston) moved in front at 1000m ... heat winner Katie Marsh (Canton) made a strong surge at 1300m and held on well to the finish. Kelly Owens (Bville) was gapped early in the race and never got into contention although she closed nicely in the final 400m.

200m: 35.5
400m: 1:14
600m: 1:54.9
800m: 2:37.3
1000m: 3:19
1200m: 4:00.3
1400m: 4:37.4
1500m Run - Girls Seeded
1 Theresa Fath          Bellport     4:43.48
2 Elizabeth Maloy       Holy Names   4:46.97
3 Vanessa Love-McCarthy Penfield     4:49.01
4 Ashley Robinson       HHH          4:49.31
9 Vanessa Everding      Skaneateles  5:01.44

Sarah Coseo (Clarence) lead the race through 400m with Ashley Robinson in 2nd ... by 600m, eventual winner Theresa Fath had taken the lead ... at 1000m, Fath was 5m in front and at 1200m was 10m ahead. Runner-up Elizabeth Maloy moved into 2nd position after 1000m ... Vanessa Love-McCarthy, who was running 4th or 5th position early in the race, moved into 3rd place by 1200m.

200m: 33.6
400m: 1:12.8
600m: 1:53.1
800m: 2:32.3
1000m: 3:10.7
1200m: 3:49
1400m: 4:25.2


1600m Run - Boys UnSeeded
1 Shawn Calabrese   Spencerport       4:34.43
2 Sam Mackenzie     Groton            4:38.35
3 Greg Wilber       Southside         4:38.60
4 Matt Taverna      Whitesboro        4:38.60
5 Sam Pecoraro      Lockport          4:39.75
6 Floyd Mayne       Uniondale         4:40.79
7 Jason Evans       Skaneateles       4:41.60

Brian Farrell (Patchogue-Medford, finished 9th in this heat) led the race passed at 800m ... past 1000m, eventual heat winner Shawn Calabrese (Spencerport) moved strongly to the lead and stayed there all the way to the finish. Sam Mackenzie (Groton) ran a strong final 400m to be 2nd in this heat. Matt Taverna (Whitesboro) stayed in 4th or 5th position most of the race. Jason Evans (Skaneateles) was in 9th-11th position early, and finished nicely to be 7th.

200m: 31.7
400m: 1:06.2
600m: 1:42.1
800m: 2:18.9
1000m: 2:55.1
1200m: 3:29.4
1400m: 4:02.7
1500m: 4:18.4
1600m Run - Boys Seeded
1 Tyler Raymond     Scotia-Glenville  4:23.12
2 Josh Wooten       Rush-Henrietta    4:26.27
3 John Pierce       Canton            4:26.54
4 Brendan Sullivan  Port Jefferson    4:26.55
5 Chris Dore        Saratoga          4:26.89
6 John Trotta       Washingtonville   4:28.48

Brendan Sullivan lead the race for the first 1100m ... he was closely followed by eventual winner Tyler Raymond ... after 1000m, a gap of 8m existed between 2nd and 3rd place. Raymond surged to lead and was 6m ahead at 1500m.

200m: 30.6
400m: 1:03.8
600m: 1:37.9
800m: 2:12.3
1000m: 2:46.1
1200m: 3:19.8
1400m: 3:51.9
1500m: 4:07.5
1000m Run - Girls (overall results)
 1 Alexis Lake         Horseheads      2:57.39
 2 Megan Olds          Gloversville    3:00.15
 3 Lauren Heron        Fayette-Manlius 3:02.12
 4 Nicole Whalen       Warwick         3:04.74
 5 Stephanie Cabarcas  Pine Bush       3:05.06
 6 Rachel McGee        Bellport        3:05.29
 9 Melissa Usack       Lansing         3:05.90
12 Shannon Morris      West Genesee    3:08.28
13 Jessica Lister      South Jefferson 3:08.51

See text above table concerning the starting error by meet officials (girls in the outside starting box ran an extra 15 meters). In the fast division, Lauren Heron (FM) got out far behind due to the starting error ... by 600m she worked her way into 3rd place (passing many runners on the outside adding extra distance), but a 10m gap still existed between her and leaders Alexis Lake and Megan Olds. Heron made a great effort in the final 400m, but the initial handicap was too much to overcome.  But do not take anything away from winner Alexis Lake ... she was very strong in the final 200m and was widen her lead impressively. I think an even-up race between Lake and Heron would have been close, but beating Lake on this particular day would have been difficult.

First division: 200m (34.8), 400m (1:11.3), 600m (1:49.3), 800m (2:28.6)

Fast division: 200m (32.1), 400m (1:07.4), 600m (1:45.6), 800m (2:20.9)




1000m Run - Boys (overall results)
 1 Reed Mauser      Ward Melville  2:37.02
 2 Ed Palmero       Bayshore       2:37.62
 3 Bill Cummiskey   Bryam Hills    2:38.31
 4 Ben Assinor      Clinton        2:38.33
 5 Sam Mackenzie    Groton         2:38.35
15 Matt Drescher    Proctor        2:44.20
19 Sean Donahue     Indian River   2:45.98
23 Max Bawarski     Whitesboro     2:48.60

First division: 200m (29.8), 400m (1:01.8), 600m (1:36.3), 800m (2:11.8)

Second division: 200m (26.1), 400m (0:57.4), 600m (1:32.4), 800m (2:05.1)

Fast division: 200m (29.9), 400m (1:00.7), 600m (1:33.0), 800m (2:05.9)

600m Run - Girls (overall results)
1 Nana Hanson-Hall  New Rochelle       1:39.23
2 Adanna Andrews    Lincoln            1:40.04
3 Kellie Castro     Bay Shore          1:40.41

16 Jackie Duncan    Liverpool          1:44.44
23 Ebony Andrews    Cicero-N Syracuse  1:47.93
24 Jessica Lister   South Jefferson    1:50.24

The race split-times for the seeded "fast" division were actually quite slow compared to the other heats ... overall 3rd place finisher, Kellie Castro (Bay Shore), did not run in the "fast" division ... neither did the overall 4th place finisher.

First division: 200m (29.8), 300m (46.3), 400m (1:04.7), 500m (1:23.7)

Second division: 200m (28.6), 400m (1:03.0)

Fast division: 200m (31.0), 300m (48.9), 400m (1:06.8), 500m (1:23.2)

Intersectional Medley Relay - Girls
The relay legs, in order are, 1000m, 200m, 600m and 1600m ... the Section 3 legs were run (in order) by Macrina Seals (Phoenix), Stephanie Walker (Bville), Laurie Teske (ESM) and Betsy Alexander (Auburn) .... Section 3 finished 9th overall (11:31.95) ... Section 11 was the winner (10:39.01)
Section 3 legs: 3:15.6, 27.35, 1:47.8, 6:01.2

Section 11 legs: 3:12.6, 25.9, 1:41.2, 5:19.8

Intersectional Medley Relay - Boys
The relay legs, in order are, 1000m, 200m, 600m and 1600m ... the Section 3 legs were run (in order) by Chris Cimino (Chitt), Jamar Reed (Corcoran), Mike Wicks (Liverpool) and David Cook (Auburn) ... Section 3 finished 8th overall (9:19.75) ... Section 2 was the winner (9:03.84)
Section 3 legs: 2:44.3, 23.5, 1:27.5, 4:44.7  state20
4 x 800 Relay - Girls
Skaneateles represented Section 3 ... the relay legs were run in order by Lia Cross, Irena McQuarrie, Lindsay Stanley and Emily Everding ... Irena MacQuarrie was tripped (and fell) during her leg, so her split would have been faster!  Skaneateles finished 11th overall (10:11.71)
Section 3 legs: 2:25.3, 2:35.1, 2:40.2, 2:30.9  
4 x 400 Relay - Girls
FM represented Section 3 ... FM ran 4:17.81 in the trials, but failed to qualify for the finals ... the FM relay legs were run by Erin Daniels, Lauren Heron, Catherine Owens and Ellen Luber
Section 3 legs: 66.1, 62.7, 66.1, 62.9  
4 x 400 Relay - Boys
FM represented Section 3 ... FM ran 3:35.99 in the trials, but failed to qualify for the finals ... the FM relay legs were run by Dan Duett, David Martin, Kirk Bristol and Darren Zens
Section 3 legs: 54.2, 52.1, 55.3, 54.3  
Pole Vault - Girls
1 Emily Kellner    North Rockland      11'00.00"
2 Lindsay Rosales  Washingtonville     10'09.00"
3 Michelle Lennox  Pearl River         10'09.00" 

14 Katy Schmidt     Baldwinsville       9'00.00"
16 Ginelle Michaels Liverpool           8'06.00"
17 Stephanie Thomas Liverpool           8'06.00"




Triple Jump - Boys
(1) Kamar Elliott (Section 3)   46'7.25"
(2) Trumaine Pendleton (Sec 11) 46'4.75"
(3) Dakel Vicks (PSAL)           44'11.25"

 **** Click Here for Photos of the State Meet ****



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