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State Championship Meet at SUNY Utica Tech (11-11-2000): It was a gray-overcast day with the temperatures in the low 40s ... an early morning drizzle stopped for most of the races.  Unfortunately, the previous day's rain made the race course muddy and wet!  Like the sectionals, the races went off right on schedule and results came back quickly!  Complete meet results are being posted at the the TrackMeets.com Web-Site and Section 3 Web-Site ... please go there for results (additional copies of the results will be posted at ArmoryTrack as well). Below are my brief thoughts on specific races.

Boys Class D:  Great News for Tully fans ... the Tully boys won their first ever State Championship!  The Tully guys ran very well (team score of 69) defeating Groton (85) and East Rochester (95). Tully was paced by sophomores Sean Rienhardt (10th overall, 18:06), Leif Brunet (20th, 18:25) and Tom Caracci (38th, 18:55), senior Ben McKnight (32nd, 18:33), and junior Toby Dornton (54th, 19:21). Jesse Burke (73rd, 19:54) and Bennett Hillenbrand (84th, 20:09) rounded-out the excellent Tully Effort!

The race was won impressively by Trevor Cable from Section 6 (Frewsburg, 17:02.7). The top Section 3 finisher was Kane Seamon of Richfield Springs (5th, 17:44.7) followed by Tim Scarpinato of Beaver River (7th, 17:56.7) and Sean Rienhardt (Tully). Groton's Sam MacKenzie (9th, 18:03) and Ben Hebdon (15th, 18:14.7) ran very well.

Girls Class D: I have been following the Class D match-up all season ... and this race was just as good as expected ... Bronxville (34) defeated Beaver River (39) and Groton (65). Runners from both Bronxville and Beaver River went out very hard ... Groton held back early and never really put themselves in a contending position, even though they finished well. About a 1.75 miles into the race, Catha and Caroline Mullen of Bronxville were in the lead, followed closely by Heather Iatauro (Tri-Valley), Lauren Noble (Little Falls), Adrienne Gagnier (Beaver River) and Lauren Moser (Beaver River).

Heather Iatauro (Tri-Valley, 20:06.3) won the race followed by Lauren Noble (Little Falls, 20:12.9) ... a great effort by both ladies! The race for the team title was exciting ... Catha Mullen (Bronxville, 3rd, 20:15.1) held off a fast closing Lauren Moser (Beaver River, 4th, 20:15.4) by a fraction of a second ... Caroline Mullen (Bronxville, 6th, 20:20.3) held off the fast closing 8th-grader Julie Emery (Beaver River, 7th, 20:22.2) ... Michelle Rorke (8th, 20:31.4) was the third Bronxville finisher followed by Beaver River's Adrienne Gagnier (10th, 20:37.2). Beaver River took a slight advantage when Danielle Buzzell (12th, 20:58.1) finished in front of Melissa Wisner (16th, 21:19.4) ... but then Bronxville's Kate Ogorzaly (26th, 21:45.2) became the first 5th place finisher in front of Beaver River's Kisa Ruiz (30th, 21:51.0).

This race was a sensational effort by both teams ... Bronxville automatically qualifies for the Federation Meet ... at the time of this writing, I don't know if Beaver River has been invited (or qualified) for Federations, but they are very deserving team as well as a great group of young ladies!

Girls Class C: I have also been following the Class C match-up all season ... and this race was also outstanding!  Skaneateles (44) defeated a very determined Pearl River (50).

In terms of individual finishes, this was the best race for Section 3 ... Jackie Kosakowski (Sauquoit Valley, 19:59.2) won the race in her typical impressive style, followed by Lia Cross (Skaneateles, 20:07.2). The closely contested team race was now on ... Vanessa McKay (6th, 20:38.6) was the first Pearl River finisher ... she was followed by two Skaneateles runners [Vanessa Everding (8th, 20:49.6) and Julie Lynch (20:50.4)]. Pia Desoiza (11th, 20:56.5) and Jaclyn Gaines (14th, 20:59.3) then finished for Pearl River. Simone Bras (Skaneateles, 17th, 21:09.9) and Bernice Patten (Pearl River, 20th, 21:17.1) became the respective 4th finishers for each team. Pearl River's Courtney O'Keefe (27th, 21:30.7) was followed by Skaneateles's Cadie Cargile (32nd, 21:49.9) to complete the team scoring. Another great effort by both teams!


Section 3 Championship Meet at SUNY Utica Tech (11-4-2000): The weather started out partly sunny with the temperature in the upper 40s ... during the afternoon, the temperature dropped slightly due to a heavy overcast; but it was actually a decent day for running. Meet officials ran the meet smoothly ... races went off right on schedule and results came back quickly ... great job guys!  Complete meet results have been posted at the Section 3 Web-Site ... please go there for results (additional copies of the results will be posted at ArmoryTrack as well). Below are my brief thoughts on specific races.

Girls Class D:  The Beaver River girls were simply outstanding beating Tully by 18 to 50 ... the top BR finishers were Adrienne Gagnier (2nd, 19:52), Lauren Moser (3rd, 19:55), Danielle Buzzell (4th, 20:05), Julie Emery (5th, 20:20), and Michelle Golden (10th, 21:09) ... the BR team ran extremely well, especially senior Danielle Buzzell who looked her best ever running. The race was won impressively by Lauren Noble (Little Falls, 19:31) who led from start to finish. The Beaver River girls are not only talented, but they ran a very intelligent race ... Congratulations and good luck next week! In a few days, I will be posting predictions for the State race.

Tully qualified two girls for the State Meet ... Heather Roberts (6th, 20:39) and senior Jamie Crawford (8th, 21:03) ... Great job Jamie and Heather!

Boys Class D:  The Tully boys won their first sectional title in many years ... they defeated a determined Beaver River team by 42 to 61.  The top Tully finishers were Sean Rienhardt (3rd, 17:08), Ben McKnight (8th, 17:36), Lief Brunet (9th, 17:39), Tom Caracci (12th, 17:57), and Toby Dornton (14th, 18:01) ... as demonstrated all season, Tully's key to success is the ability to place at least five runners within a minute of each other ... Sensational Job Guys!! Next week Tully will attempt to win the first State Team title ever for Tully High School (in any sport)!  The race was by Tim Scarpinato of Beaver River (16:49) who is a great runner.

Girls Class C: Skaneateles easily defended their sectional title (Skaneateles 21, Cato Meridian 126, J-E 127). The top finishers were Lia Cross (2nd, 19:18), Vanessa Everding (3rd, 19:57), Simone Bras (4th, 20:00), Julie Lynch (5th, 20:04), and Cadie Cargile (7th, 20:21) ... Lia Cross and Simone Bras were especially impressive ... Simone is improving with every race. In a few days, I will be posting predictions for the State race with Pearl River.

Jackie Kosakowski of Sauquoit Valley ran the fastest girl's race of the day (18:54) ... she finished very strong, and could do very well in the State Meet! Natalie Romer (Canastota), Liz LeVan (South Lewis), Mary Denninger (Cato) and Jenny Ryan (Clinton) also qualified for States.

Girls Class B: South Jefferson (53) beat New Hartford (59) and Westhill (64) in the closest girl's race of the day. Eighth-grader Nicole Lister of South Jefferson was the impressive race winner (19:10) ... what impressed me just as much as her running was as soon as Nicole crossed the finish-line, she ran out to cheer her team-mates on ... the South Jefferson girls were really prepared for this race. Congratulations to Tracey Brauksieck (Homer), Kayleigh Wheeless (Westhill), Katie Luker (New Hartford), Kaitlin O'Sullivan (Westhill) and Ashley Hughes (Phoenix) for State qualifying.

Girls Class A: Laurel Burdick (FM, 18:57) cruised to an easy victory leading the FM girls to the team title with 73 points ... runner-up Liverpool had 91 points and CNS had 96 points (excellent job by the CNS runners to finish 3rd).


OHSL League Meet at Baldwinsville (10-28-2000): The Onondaga High School League (OHSL) Meet was run over a modified "woods" course at Baldwinsville (the modification extended the course to a full 5000 meters).  The weather was cold ... temperatures in the low 40s with some breezy conditions (but actually better than expected). A total of 39 schools had runners competing in the Boys Varsity and Girls Varsity races.

Girls Team Score (top 8): 1-Skaneateles (40), 2-FM (102), 3-Westhill (168), 4-West Genesee (173), 5-Liverpool (180), 6-CNS (200), 7-Tully (210), 8-Baldwinsville (228)

Boys Team Score (top 8):  1-Liverpool (114), 2-FM (123), 3-Skaneateles (156), 4-Chittenango (159), 5-Tully (179), 6-Corcoran (207), 7-CNS (211), 8-West Genesee (222)

Complete individual and team results are available at the Baldwinsville web-site. The results below are my own observations:

Girls Varsity Race (1) Laurel Burdick (FM, 18:27), (2 & 3 tie) Vanessa Everding and Lia Cross (Skaneateles, 19:17), (4) Kayleigh Wheeless (Westhill, 19:25), (5) Shannon Morris (West Genesee, 19:31), (6) Tracey Brauksieck (Homer, 19:34), (7) Julie Lynch (Skaneateles, 19:45), (8) Simone Bras (Skaneateles, 19:47), (9) Brittany Crawford (FM, 1951), and (10) Jessica Portmess (Tully, 19:58)  .... Laurel Burdick (FM) won impressively in her typical style ... she went right to the front and kept on going. Vanessa Everding and Lia Cross (Skan) finished comfortably together in 2nd and 3rd. Kayleigh Wheeless (Westhill) and Shannon Morris (West Genesee) ran excellent races.

Tully's Jessica Portmess ran her best race ever (10th, 19:58). Other Tully finishers included Heather Roberts (17th, 20:24 ... still suffering from a lingering sickness that won't go away), Jamie Crawford (52nd, 21:17), Michelle Lopez (61st, 21:35), Anna Holden (70th, 21:46), and Alyssa Clark (76th, 21:54).

Boys Varsity Race:  The race was won impressively by Ryan Wells (Chittenango, 16:27) with Aaron Verminski second (Rome, 16:39). Ryan Holm  (Corcoran, 16:51) was an excellent 3rd followed in 4th by the consistently excellent Robert Howell (Nottingham, 16:54). Chris Nolan (Liverpool, 16:54) was 5th. Sean Rienhardt (Tully, 17:00) ran his best race of the season to be 6th, followed closely by Dave Masse (FM, 17:01) in 7th, Pat Gaffney (West Genesee, 17:03) in 8th, Dan McKenna (Liverpool, 17:03) in 9th, and Weston Cross (Skaneateles, 17:04) in 10th.

Tully finishers included: Sean Rienhardt (6th, 17:00), Ben McKnight (19th, 17:24), Lief Brunet (35th, 17:34), Tom Caracci (44th, 17:44), Jesse Burke (72nd, 18:04), and Toby Dornton (75th, 18:10 ... during the race, poor Toby was cross-body-blocked by a tree; the day before, he fell through an old wooden bridge in Tully when a rotten board gave-way).


Marathon Invitational at Marathon High School (10-21-2000): It was a nice autumn day for X-C races ... mostly sunny skies, temperatures ranging from low 50s to mid 60s, light winds. An excellent field of 42 schools participated in both "Seeded" and "Unseeded" race divisions ... most schools are located in Section 4, but Section 3 was represented by Tully, West Genesee, Corcoran, Auburn, Oswego, and Cortland. Complete race results are supposed to be posted at ArmoryTrack.com ... I have posted Selected Results relevant to Section 3 on this site. Below are some brief race highlights:

Boys Seeded Race:  The top four teams were Ithaca (75), Tully (109), West Genesee (121), and Corcoran (147) ... Groton (a top State contender in Class D with Tully) also competed, but were missing two of their top five runners due to other commitments; so their overall finish (283 pts) should be disregarded with respect to State ranking. The top three finishers were Kyle Padangeli (Ithaca, 17:00), Andy Allstadt (Union-Endicott, 17:08), and Mark Rusin (Windsor, 17:16). The top Section 3 finisher was Pat Gaffney of West Genesee (5th, 17:25) who ran an excellent race ... Pat is continuing to improve. Other top Section 3 finishers included Larry Petry (8th, Corcoran, 17:34), Ben McKnight (11th, Tully, 17:41), Ryan Hohm (Corcoran, 13th, 17:48), Sean Rienhardt (14th, Tully, 17:52), Jeff Dugan (15th, West Genesee, 17:52), Ben Murphy (23rd, Corcoran, 18:11), Rocco Paone (24th, West Genesee, 18:12) and Lief Brunet (25th, Tully, 18:13).

Girls Seeded Race: The top six teams were Elmira Southside (75), Ithaca (77), Groton (94), West Genesee (119), Union-Endicott (125), and Tully (161). Groton was the potential winner, but Lynne Vincent (Groton's #2 runner) was forced to drop out of the race due to a hip injury after being the co-leader of the race with team-mate Brandey Hurchla. Brandey was the impressive winner running the fastest girl's time of the day (20:01) which was 8 seconds faster than Heather Iatauro (easy winner of the unseeded race). Other Groton finishers included Erin Yaichuk (12th, 21:08), Becky MacKenzie (13th, 21:13), Annie Scogin (24th, 21:48), and Kari Gallow (44th, 22:48).

Shannon Morris of West Genesee finished an excellent 4th in the seeded race (20:32) ... Shannon is another West Genesee runner showing continual improvement as the season progresses. Team-mates Kerry Banazek (21:28) and Nina DiBattista (21:29) finished 18th and 19th; Theresa Girolamo was 28th (21:54).

Heather Roberts was the top Tully finisher (11th, 21:05) ... Heather has been hampered for several weeks by a troublesome head and chest infection that won't go away. Other Tully finishers included Jessica Portmess (23rd, 21:35), Jaime Crawford (36th, 22:32), Michelle Lopez (40th, 22:39), Alyssa Clark (51st, 23:11),  Anna Holden (55th, 23:22), Laura Riehlman (60th, 23:40), Laura Cole (68th, 24:21), and Gwen Lennox (24:33).

Girls Unseeded Race:  Heather Iatauro of Tri-Valley was the easy winner (20:09) ... Jaime Clifford was Sullivan West was 2nd (21:17) and Erin Spencer of Watkins Glen was 3rd (21:29). Heather Iatauro is an outstanding runner ... she won the Girls "D" Race at Manhattan last week (beating Lauren Noble of Little Falls) and is undefeated this year.

Girls Modified - Small Schools:  Tully (42) finished 2nd to Chenango Valley (32). Emily Schmidt (7th grade) of Tully won the race (10:27) ... this was her 3rd invitational victory this year. Other Tully finishers included: Annie Rienhardt (4th, 10:39), Bri Seeley (9th, 10:58), Sandy Ellis (12th, 11:03), Grace Tucker (17th, 11:22), and Sarah Jordan (24th, 11:43).


Phoenix Invitational at Phoenix High (10-14-2000): Circumstances made it impossible to accompany the Tully teams on the overnight Manhattan Invitational trip ... fortunately, I had just enough free time on Saturday to go Phoenix (which is only 17 miles up Rt. 481 from where I work in North Syracuse). It was a sunny and warm (upper 60's to low 70's) autumn day.

I have posted the majority of the Phoenix Invitational Results (varsity and junior varsity) in the Results section. Below are some brief race highlights.

Girls Varsity 1 - Tracey Brauksieck  (Homer, 19:16) won the race without too much effort ... she ran with runner-up Hannah Failing (Whitesboro, 19:32) and 3rd place finisher Ashley Hughes (Phoenix, 19:58) through the first two miles before pulling away. Tracey is continuing her come-back from a serious stress fracture of the hip, and is rounding into form nicely.

Girls Varsity 2 - South Jefferson (30) won the team title over APW (64) and Cato Meridian (79) ... South Jefferson's Lister sisters finished 1-2-3 (Nicole, 18:41; Jessica, 19:53; and Melissa, 20:41). This is the second time I have seen Nicole Lister run ... each time I am more impressed ... I believe she is destined to be a State champion at some point in the future. Mary Denninger of Cato Meridian finished a very good 4th (21:01).

Boys Varsity 1 - Josh Daily (Watertown IHC, 17:06) out-kicked Thom Powers (VVS, 17:10) to win.  Oswego's Kevin Kline (17:25) was an excellent 3rd followed closely by Mike Petroske (Watertown, 17:27), Eric Enwright (Oswego, 17:29), Matt Coryea (Watertown, 17:32), Chris Mills (Auburn, 17:33), Brad Bennett (Fulton, 17:34), and Marty Sweeney (Homer, 17:34).

Boys Varsity 2 - South Jefferson (54) edged APW (55) to win the team championship. Bubby Laney of Faith Heritage was the impressive individual winner (16:50 ... fastest time of the day). Brad Ariola (APW, 17:11) and Dan Tickner (Bishop Ludden, 17:14) finished 2nd and 3rd.

Girls Modified 2 - The Lafayette junior high girls are a "team of the future in Class D" ... they easily beat Cato Meridian (76), Phoenix (84) and South Jefferson (84) with a score of 18. Lafayette took the first three places (Ashley Brown, 10:35; Sarah Walsh, 10:37, and C. Unger, 10:39).


Baldwinsville Invitational at Baldwinsville (10-7-2000): The weather was cool  ... morning temperatures were near 40 rising to the upper forties in the afternoon with partly cloudy and cloudy skies. Actually the weather was much better than forecast ... a big thank you to Baldwinsville coaches Foster and Goulet for using their influence. The races were contested on the old 3.0 mile "Woods" course. Below are some brief results ... more complete results will be posted at Coach Foster's Baldwinsville web-site.

Girls Varsity A Race: Saratoga Springs (19 pts; 1-3-4-5-6-7-10) proved why they are the best girls team in the state ... they easily defeated Skaneateles (72 pts; 8-11-12-14-27), FM (111), and Liverpool (134). Saratoga's Danielle Coon (17:01) impressively won the the race followed by FM's Laurel Burdick (17:32) ... Laurel has been hobbled somewhat recently by a knee injury, but she ran very well. Saratoga's Melissa Trauscht (17:39), Amanda Meyer (17:40), Tessa Auwater (17:43), Kristin Hornbach (17:46) and Margie Boltzer (17:50) were close behind ... WOW - Saratoga is good! ... in the JV race, Saratoga took the first 16 places with Ali Rowe winning (17:49). Skaneateles ran well: Lia Cross (8th, 18:01), Vanessa Everding (11th, 18:17), Cadie Cargile (12th, 18:21), Julie Lynch (14th, 18:48), and Emily Everding (27th, 19:29). Baldwinsville's Kelly Owens finished an excellent 16th (18:53).

Girls Varsity B: South Jefferson narrowly edged Tully by 57-59 ... Tully moved up in class for this one race. South Jefferson's Lister sisters (Nicole, Jessica and Melissa) finished 1st (17:57), 2nd (18:49) and 4th (18:57) followed by Tully's Heather Roberts in 5th (19:18). Other Tully runners included Jessica Portmess (8th, 19:31), Jessica McAnaney (12th, 20:00), Jamie Crawford (14th, 20:06), Michelle Lopez (20th, 20:36), Alyssa Clark (40th, 21:26), and Gwen Lennox (48th, 21:52).

Girls Varsity C/D: Beaver River (39) beat Groton (57), Waterloo (61) and Sauquoit (122). Jackie Kosakowski of Sauquoit was once again an impressive winner (17:42) followed by Waterloo's Leann Donnelly (17:55) and Groton's Brandey Hurchla (18:02). Beaver River's outstanding team took the next four places ... Adrienne Gagnier (18:08), Julie Emery (18:15), Lauren Moser (18:25), and an improving Danielle Buzzell (18:36) ... improving Michelle Golden was the 5th Beaver River finisher (17th, 19:44) ... at the State level, I think Bronxville should start worrying!  The Groton girls also ran well ... behind 3rd place finisher Brandey Hurchla were Lynne Vincent (8th, 18:49), Erin Yaichuk (9th, 19:01), Katie O'Konsky (15th, 19:34), Annie Scogin (22nd, 20:10), and Kari Gallow (26th, 20:13) ... this improving Groton team is still a real contender at the State level. Note about the times of this race ... I just completed a statistical analysis of all six varsity races and the times of this race are absolutely inconsistent with the other five races ... two different analytical methods agree that the times of this race were approximately 26-31 seconds faster than the others. Why??? ... I don't know ... maybe it something in the air, maybe all runners unknowingly took a small short-cut - it doesn't really matter ... just add 26-31 seconds to this race's time for comparison to the other races!

Boys Varsity A:  (1) Nate Hyde (Bville, 15:37), (2) Dave Masse (FM, 15:45), (3) Brian Holtslag (Whiteboro, 15:49).

Boys Varsity B: (1) Jesse Contario (Newark, 14:41 ... fastest time of the day), (2) Peter Chambers (Newark, 14:50), (3) Ryan Wells (Chitt, 15:39), (4) Mark Rusin (Windsor, 16:02), (5) Weston Cross (Skan, 16:15).

Boys Varsity C/D: Sauquoit Valley (62) defeated Thomas A. Edison (87), Tully (117) and Groton (122). Beaver River's Tim Scarpinato won the race (15:23) ... Sam MacKenzie (Groton, 15:49) was 4th and Sauquoit's Brian Lindberg was 5th (15:50). Tully had an "off-day" ... Ben McKnight (16th, 16:29), Sean Rienhardt (17th, 16:35 ... sprained an ankle the day before playing "ultimate ball"), Lief Brunet (21st, 16:37), Tom Caracci (26th, 16:58), Jesse Burke (37th, 17:17), Toby Dornton (38th, 17:18), and Bennett Hillenbrand (48th, 19:39).

Tully Invitational at Tully High School (9-30-2000):  The weather was much better than last week-end at New Hartford ... it was a bright sunny day, breezy winds, temperatures ranged from near 50 (11 am) to mid-60s (2 pm). Twenty-eight teams came to compete on Tully's 3.00 mile course ... we used our new measuring wheel to determine the exact race distance. Complete Results are available from the Results Page

The Girls Varsity A/B produced one of the best of the day. Tracey Brauksieck of Homer (18:29.0) and Kayleigh Wheeless of Westhill (18:30.9) battled stride-for-stride through the last two miles of the race. Several times in the last 800 meters, it seemed as though Tracey was beginning to pull away, but Kayleigh fought back and kept the race close losing by less than two seconds.  I was very impressed with both runners. This was Tracey's first invitational race of the season ... last year she was the #2 runner in all Section 3, but she suffered a very serious stress fracture of the hip last April ... she returned slowly to XC training, and today she looked very fit. I'm sure Tracey will improve as the season progresses, and the race today with Kayleigh was an excellent test. On certain days, Kayleigh Wheeless really demonstrates why she is one of the "elite" runners in Section 3 ... today was one of those days! 

Both Tully varsity teams (boys and girls) won comfortably ... the boys by 39-60 over Lansing and the girls by 40-94 over JE. This was the best race of the year by the Tully Girls. Heather Roberts (18:59) ran with Melissa Usack of Lansing (19:11) for much of the race before sprinting away in the last 600m ... Jessica Portmess (3rd, 19:49) continues to improve ... Jessica McAnaney (9th, 20:29) ran well despite a week-long sickness and a summer-long injury.  Tully seventh-grader Emily Schmidt won the JH C/D girls race very easily ... she also won at the Auburn Invitational (she didn't run the JH race at Central Square, but it may have been great match-up).

New Hartford Invitational at SUNY Utica Tech (9-23-2000): 84 Varsity boys teams and 82 varsity girls teams came to the SUNY Utica campus to compete on the NY State 2000 XC Championship race course. The race was divided into 4 boys divisions and 4 girls divisions ... the races were seeded to have both large and small schools in the same race to prevent the invitational from becoming a "State Championship" before the real State Championships on Nov. 11. Unfortunately, the weather (intermittent heavy rains and mud) made the race course a "different" kind of challenge ... NOTE: race times are NOT comparable from race-to-race due to the conditions. For example, the Division 1 Boys race was conducted in a driving rain storm ... other races had no rain, but deeper mud ... the slippery conditions on several hills and straights caused race officials to allow running on pavement in later races, etc. (I need to make a separate speed rating for every race)!  As yet, I do not have the official results for the last two girls races.

The top finishing schools from each division were as follows:
Division 1 Boys: 1-Warwick Valley (48), 2-Canton-75, 3-FM (105), 4-Pearl River (118), 5-Tully (143), 6-Proctor (158), 7-Chittenango (200)
Division 2 Boys: 1-Saratoga Springs (29), 2-Bethlehem (67), 3-Liverpool (89), 4-Shaker (116), 5-Queensbury (156), 6-Newark (167), 7-Sauquoit (172), 8- South Lewis (228)
Division 3 Boys: 1-Ithaca (92), 2-Bayport-Blue Point (93), 3-Syosset (107), 4-Brewster (113), 5-Wm Floyd (138), 6-Waterloo (174), 7-Tri-Valley (193)
Division 4 Boys: 1-John Jay (47), 2-Sayville (71), 3-West Genesee (139), 4-CNS (145), 5-Saranac Lake (165), 6-JFK (206), 7-Beaver River (210), 8-Lansing (213)
Division 1 Girls: 1-Warwick Valley (72), 2-Acad. of the Holy Names (81), 3-Arlington (86), 4-FM (100), 5-Saranac (132), 6-Tully (150), 7-Alden (182), 8-Franklin Ac (185)
Division 2 Girls: 1-Pearl River (60), 2-Liverpool (75), 3-Queensbury (80), 4-Newark (129), 5-Sauquoit (144), 6-South Lewis (188), 7-Norwood-Norfolk (228), 8-Homer (284)
Division 3 Girls: 1-Bronxville (54), 2-Ithaca (83), 3-Waterloo (107), 4-Cobleskill (134), 5-Central Sq (139)
Division 4 Girls: 1-John Jay (83), 2-Beaver River (88), 3-Westhill (154), 4-West Genesee (154), 5-Saranac Lake (161), 6-New Hartford (175)

Girl's Races:

Division 1: Heather Roberts of Tully was the top Section 3 runner in finishing 7th (21:43). Race was won Elizabeth Maloy (Acad. Holy Names, 20:39) ... Laurel Burdick of FM did not compete (she was running in North Carolina). Other finishers: 2-Karen Kozub (Alden, 20:44), 3-Nicole Whalen (Warwick, 20:52), 4-Annie Hayden (Acad. Holy Names, 20:55), 5-Danielle Green (Randolph, 21:15), 6-Jolene McMahon (Arlington, 21:43), 8-Katy Sykes (Canton, 21:44), 9-Brittany Crawford (FM, 21:44), 10-Jessica Novak (Canton, 21:47). Other Tully finishers included Jess Portmess (26th, 22:54), Jamie Crawford (42nd, 23:32), Jess McAnaney (45th, 23:40), Michelle Lopez (50th, 23:54), Alyssa Clark (72nd, 25:39, and Gwen Lennox (76th, 25:52).

Division 2: Jackie Kosakowski of Sauquoit was very impressive in winning (20:30). Lauren Noble of Little Falls was 2nd (21:14), Vanessa McKay of Pearl River was 3rd (21:14), Mary Ferguson of Liverpool 4th (21:39), and Liz LeVan of South Lewis 5th (21:55). Other finishers: 6-Erin Sprague (Queensbury, 21:56), 7-Julianna Allport (Pulaski, 21:59), 8-Carly Czaplicki (Maine-Endwell, 22:01), 9- Erin Daly (Newark, 22:02). Other Pearl River finishers included Pia Desoiza (10th, 22:02), Mary O (12th, 22:10), Bernice Patton (16th, 22:25), Lyza Sanchez (22nd, 23:05), Jaclyn Gaines (24th, 23:08) and Caitlin Hicklin (28th, 23:23) ... Pearl River's Courtney O'Keefe is currently out with a stress fracture.

Division 3: Won by Heather Iatauro of Tri-Valley (20:46), 2nd was Leann Donnelly of Waterloo (20:59), 3rd was Robin Ellerbrock of Ithaca (20:59). ... Bronxville than took four of the next seven places (4-Cathorline Mullen, 21:35, 6-Michelle Rorke, 21:36, 7-Caroline Mullen, 21:36 and 8-Melissa Wisner 21:44) ... Bronxville's 5th runner finished in 23:56 ... their top four are very strong!

Division 4: Laura McCloskey of John Jay won in 20:31. Other top finishers: 2-Bell Hailey (Saranac Lake, 20:54), 3-Nicole Yocum (Baldwin, 20:56), 4-Sally Briggs (John Jay, 21:02), 5-Nicole Lister (S. Jefferson, 21:08). What is noteworthy for Section 3 teams is - Beaver River brought 8th-grader Julie Emery up to varsity and she raced very well finishing second on the Beaver River team (21:33) ... Adrienne Gagnier was the top Beaver River finisher (21:10), and she continues to impress both Coach Franklin and myself. Other Beaver River finishers included Lauren Mosher (21:53), Danielle Buzzell (22:06), Kisa Ruiz (23:11) Jolene Munger (23:55), and Michelle Golden (24:32). I caught times for several Section 3 runners: Katie Luker (New Hartford, 21:24), Kayleigh Wheeless (Westhill, 21:46), and Kaitlin O' Sullivan (Westhill, 22:09), Krissy Scaglione (New Hartford, 21:25).

Boy's Races:

Division 1: 1-Jon Pierce (Canton, 16:51), 2-Brendan Fennell (Pearl River, 16:52), 3-Jesse Rappole (Maple Grove, 17:16) 4-Mike Allen (Mount Markham, 17:22), 5-Ryan Wells (Chittenango, 17:25), 6-(Jon Stein, Warwick, 17:26), 7-David Masse (FM, 17:34), 8-Matt Drescher (Proctor, 17:43), 9-Sean Campione (Warwick, 17:58), 10-Sean Rienhardt (Tully, 18:02), 16-Wills Mahoney (FM, 18:10), 26-Ben McKnight (Tully, 18:15), 27-Lief Brunet (Tully, 18:16), 48-Tom Caracci (Tully, 19:06), 49-Toby Dornton (Tully, 19:07), 71-Jesse Burke (Tully, 19:48), 77-Bennett Hillenbrand (Tully, 20:01).

Division 2: 1-Nolan Tully (Saratoga Springs, 17:08), 2-Brian McNamara (Saratoga, 17:12), 3-Jesse Contario (Newark, 17:17), 4-Sean Curran (Saratoga, 17:21), 5-Justin Corelli (Shaker, 17:25), 6-Peter Chambers (Newark, 17:26), 7-Christopher Dore (Saratoga, 17:27), 8-Tait Kowalski (Liverpool, 17:32), 9-Clarke Foley (Bethlehem, 17:36), 10-Geoff Decker (Bethlehem, 17:47), 14-Chris Nolan (Liverpool, 17:58), 17-Brian Lindberg (Sauquoit, 18:04).

Division 3: 1-Trevor Cable (Frewsburg, 17:02), 2-Frank Macreery (Brewster, 17:11), 3-Billy Vasilyodis (Syosset, 17:20), 4-Mike Gioia (Bayport-Blue Point, 17:41), 5-Kyle Paolangeli (Ithaca, 17:45), 6-Jon French (Gouveneur, 17:51), 7-Mark Alizzi (Syosset, 17:52), 8-Earl Han (Syosset, 17:57), 9-Ed Burns (Wm Floyd, 18:02), 10-Eric Trumble (Waterloo, 18:08), 13-Kane Seemon (Richfield Springs, 18:16).

Division 4: 1-Brian Dalpiaz (Sayville, 17:07), 2-Tim Scarpinato (Beaver River, 17:38), 3-Athur Jozwiak (JFK, 17:39), 4-Aaron Verminski (Rome, 17:49), 5-Tim Walker (John Jay, 17:58), 6-Brendan Barrett (Sayville, 18:05), 7-Justin Harris (John Jay, 18:05), 8-James Davenport (Lansing, 18:07), 9-Ted Turner (John Jay, 18:08), 10-Adam Vannortwick (Saranac Lake, 18:08).

Central Square Invitational (9-16-2000): Thirty-six schools competed at the Central Square High School race course. Weather was partly overcast, partly sunny and breezy (temperatures in the mid 50s). Abbreviated team results are as follows:

Girls A/B Girls C/D
Liverpool 84 Waterloo 55
FM 94 Beaver River 63
CNS 108 Tully 84
Central Square 144 JE 113
Baldwinsville 151 South Lewis 145
Boys A/B Boys C/D
Canton 37 South Lewis 91
FM 51 Tully 93
CNS 104 Beaver River 94
Corcoran 111 Waterloo 99
Baldwinsville 150 Mount Markham 132

FM's Laurel Burdick (19:02) easily won the Girls A/B race followed by Katie Luker (20:06) of New Hartford. The Girls individual results are posted on the Results Page.

The Girls C/D race was much more competitive. Heather Roberts (Tully), Adrienne Gagnier (Beaver River) and Danielle Buzzell (Beaver River) raced at the front ... they exchanged leads several times during the first two miles. Waterloo's excellent runner, Leann Donnelly (19:42), stayed close and took the lead with a mile to go and pulled away near the end. Heather Roberts (19:55) was extended to beat freshman Adrienne Gagnier (20:06) for second place. The powerful Waterloo team (Section 5, Class C) won the race. Beaver River was just too strong for Tully ... freshman Lauren Moser finished 5th (20:48) and looked very good. Tully freshman Jessica Portmess finished an excellent 10th (21:10) in only her second lifetime XC race, and is continually showing improvement.

The Girls Junior High race was a showcase for Beaver River's Julie Emery who covered the 1.5+ mile course in an outstanding 10:59. Her running form is exceptional.

Mount Markham's Mike Allen looked very strong in winning the Boys C/D race in the fastest overall time of the day (16:41). He was followed by Beaver River's Tim Scarpinato (17:01) ... sophomore Sean Rienhardt of Tully finished an excellent 4th (17:13) in the best race of his career. Tully's Ben McKnight (17:41, 10th) and Leif Brunet (17:50, 12th) also ran well. Jon Pierce of Canton (16:49) won the A/B race followed by David Masse of FM (17:06).


Liverpool Invitational (9-9-2000):

First meet of the 2000 XC season. Many good schools and runners came to compete at Liverpool's Longbranch Park race course on a calm, humid and overcast day (temperatures in the mid to upper 60s). Team results of the varsity are as follows:

Team Place Girls Team Girls Score Boys Team Boys Score
1 Skaneateles 21 Liverpool 20
2 Westhill 73 Tully 95
3 Waterloo 87 Skaneateles 114
4 Liverpool 92 West Genesee 132
5 West Genesee 94 Sauquoit 136
6 Corning 111 CNS 137
7 Tully 125 Waterloo 147
8 Oswego 135 McQuaid 156
9 CNS 146 Corning 157
10 Sauquoit 179 Baldwinsville 169

The races were run differently than a normal invitational. First, six runners were counted in the scoring. Also races were run in two divisions ... race one included the #1, #2 and #3 runners only ... race two include the #4, #5, #6 and #7 runners ... races totals were combined to get the team score.

Girls Race: the Skaneateles girls looked awesome! They were led by Lia Cross(19:00), Vanessa Everding (19:18), and Cadie Cargile (19:36) in the first division ... Lia won the race and looked sensational, as did all the Skaneateles girls. Simone Bras won the second division (20:35) ... she would have run faster if the course was marked better (she didn't know where to go ... same thing happened to the leading Skaneateles JV runner). The Westhill girls were also impressive ... they actually finished 2nd overall and first in the large school division ... unfortunately, the Waterloo team left thinking they had won the large school division (a scoring error was corrected too late).  Westhill is stronger than I realized ... their girls ran a lot this summer and it really shows. Kayleigh Wheeless (19:10) finished 2nd overall and looks just as good as last year. But I was most impressed by Kaitlin O'Sullivan (20:03) ... she ran with the leaders through most of race before finishing 10th (my initially speed rating for Kaitlin is 106 which is up a lot from last year) ... she showed excellent speed and endurance while racing with some of Section 3 best runners ... Jackie Kosakowski of Sauquoit finished 7th (19:41.8). The other Westhill girls were also impressive, and their coach is expecting improvement (I agree) ... they now rank solidly ahead of Tully.

Heather Roberts of Tully ran very well in finishing 5th overall (19:32.7). She has been training very well and her racing proves it. Tully's Jessica Portmess finished 18th overall (20:51) in her first-ever XC race ... I know she will improve with experience. Tully's team score was hurt somewhat by several injuries ... however, we really need to improve a lot to be competitive with Beaver River.

Boy's Race: The Liverpool boys looked awesome! Tait Kowalski has never looked better ... he finished first overall (16:25.97). Mike Allen (Mt Markham) was 2nd (16:31) and Weston Cross (Skaneateles) was 3rd (16:34) ... I believe Weston was tripped near the end of the race (it may have cost him 2nd place).

The Tully boys were better than expected ... Sean Rienhardt (15th, 17:15), Ben McKnight (18th, 17:21), Tom Caracci (17:40), Leif Brunet (17:43), Toby Dornton (17:51), Jesse Burke (18:24), and Bennett Hillenbrand (18:48) ran very well ... only 36 seconds separated our #1 through #5 runners!



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