Photos  - Weedsport Invitational #2 - Oct 20, 2001

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 Start of Girls Varsity A Race
Just over half-mile into Girls Varsity A Race ... Colleen Rice (Liverpool) leads Taryn Menard (CNS), Laura Ewald (CNS), Meghan Nolan (Liverpool) and Kelly Owens (Baldwinsville)
More than half the Girls Varsity A Race is complete ... current leader is Laura Ewald (CNS) ... the other three CNS runners are Marie Parks, Taryn Menard and Caitlin Wlodarski ... Kelly Owens (Bville) and Meghan Nolan (Lpool) are also shown.
Leading this group is Janet Walsh (Bville) ... she is followed by Allison Rutherford (Lpool), Kristin Wallace (Oswego) and Danielle Scalione (Lpool)
Start of Boys Varsity A Race
Just over one-half mile into Boys Varsity A Race ... Bryan Buchanan (CNS) has taken a commanding lead ... Bryan extended his lead all the way to the finish.
Bryan Buchanan (CNS) winning the Boys Varsity A Race in 16:22.6
Pat Stagnitta (CNS) finishing 2nd in Boys Varsity A Race ... he is followed by four Liverpool runners (Andrew Walsh, Mike Snihur, Charley Cook and Andre Atchison)
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