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Here are my Pre-Season Girls Team Rankings for Section 3 in 2000 ... I'm combining all Classes to make this list.  You can rank teams by (1) how good they have been, (2) how good they are right now, or (3) how good they might be in the future. My team list is simply my opinion of how good I think the teams might be at the time of the Sectional Championships. 

I did some data merging from last year's Sectionals (actual race times and computer predicted race times) ... but remember, last year's data is exactly that ... it's last year's data! I used them as a guide only ... I let my own biases and opinions make the final ranking. 

Section 3 Team Ranking

 (1) Skaneateles Skaneateles is clearly on top.
 (2) FM OK ... I'm from Tully and I'm biased ... so I'm supposed to pick Tully number two. I really wanted to ... but I have enormous respect for the FM program, Coach Aris, and the FM girl runners.
 (3) tie - Tully

Tully and Beaver River are even-up ... again!

I've been asked ... why don't the Tully or Beaver Girls move up to Class B? I can give the Tully point of view (and I suspect Beaver River might agree) ... We want to win a State Championship!! At the State Level, Class B has some outstanding teams such as Honeoye Falls-Lima ... last year, they would have placed three runners ahead of our top runner at States. In Class D, Beaver River and Tully have legitimate chances of winning ... also, individuals have a better chance of qualifying for States from the 2nd-placed Sectional Class D team ... Beaver River sent three runners to States last year. 

 (3) tie - Beaver River
 (5) Westhill Westhill has a very good team ... I think they're the favorites to win Class B ... If they improve much during the year, I'm not sure Tully or Beaver River can beat them ... another reason for Tully to stay in Class D.
 (6) tie - Liverpool I just can't separate them effectively ... I know one team will emerge ... I just don't know who.
 (6) tie - West Genesee
 (6) tie - CNS

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